The Battlefield combat zone is moving its location at the Big Sheep. With the construction of the new Roller Coaster, Battlefield has gained access to a larger and potentially more expressive site that has afforded us the opportunity to rebuild on an exciting “ new canvas”. After several fantastic years, and enthusiastic feedback from our customers, we’re intent on making the combat even more  memorable; utilising fully years of combined experience, plans and ideas of staff and players alike.  Alongside an array of new trenches, foxholes, mounds,  shelters and buildings (all under construction) there’s a no man’s land that given the present  weather conditions threatens to  mirror the real thing! For the guerrilla warfare minded, there’s the brush undergrowth and stands of trees, plus the occasional bonus of another wooded area across the road.


Check out our Facebook page (or click on the logo above) for updates and the latest information  on how the build is going, and please leave your comments and your own suggestions and ideas. We really want to take this unique opportunity to heighten your enjoyment as well as realising our own vision.

The Battlefield is for everybody of seven years and older; there’s no upper age limit! You can be the lone Rambo maverick or part of a platoon, pitched against another outfit to seize a military target. Whatever your mission there’s a large selection of state-of-the-art eye-safe guns  for every age, reach and size; and camouflage cream, smoke grenades and  coveralls to really get into the part.

We’re open daily from Easter onwards (28th March 2015). Opening times do vary but tend to be every afternoon. Please call ahead to confirm. All Big Sheep customers receive the first 9 lives free on the battlefield.  

Standard time slots for parties are 0930-1200 or 1630-1900 but all are a little flexible depending on time of year and events taking place. Click here for Activities and Special Occasions. Also check the Battlefield Calendar for Events.